About us

International Montessori Nursery has been founded in 2003 in Kyiv, in order to satisfy the demand for high quality preschool education. Over the years we have catered for many talented children who successfully continue on their educational journey.

Our Curriculum covers

Practical life:
1. Exercise for the development of motor skills (To develop muscular control in the wrist and fingers plus hand-eye coordination).
2. Exercise for the care of self (This task is introducing the child how to work with button frames, zip frames and shoe lace frames).
3. Sharing, caring and responsibility to themselves and others, in relation to the world around them, be it home or school.

Sensorial Education:
The sensorial equipment encourages the children to use their senses to their full potential. They aid the child’s own natural intelligence through contrasting, pairing and grading exercises. They help create a real knowledge of shape, size, volume, sound, touch and colour as it exists in the natural world.

Number Work:
This involves number names and their association in relation to measuring, money, comparing, geometry, graphs and weighing. We will strongly encourage a logical approach to life’s mathematical concepts of size, volume and shape.

Language has four main aspects: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
All aspects will be taught through poetry and plays, rhymes, singing, alphabet learning, word games and stories.

Cultural Subjects:
Cultural subjects will include Zoology, Botany, History, Geography, Music and the much loved Arts and Crafts.

This is a brief outline of what we achieve during the IMN school year.